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What is an Immersion Heater?

An immersion heater is an electric water heater.
It is placed inside a hot water cylinder and heats the water directly.

The most common immersion heater has a 3kW rating.
It uses a lot of electricity and is expensive to run.
It needs its own power supply from a cable which is not used for any other purpose.
An isolator switch near to the immersion heater must also be used
so that the electricity can be switched off for maintenance or replacement.

An indirect hot water cylinder has only one immersion heater, usually at the top.
A direct hot water cylinder can have two immersion heaters,
one at the top and the other near the bottom. 

If an immersion heater is not working, it may need replacing or the thermostat inside
may need replacing. The immersion heater will usually unscrew after draining down
the cylinder but if the cylinder is very old and the immersion heater has been
in it for a long time, then there may be no alternative but to replace the cylinder.

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