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What are Central Heating Controls?

Central heating controls include thermostats, programmers and motorized valves.
The heating controls are linked through a wiring centre to control the boiler,
hot water cylinder (hot water tank) and central heating (sometimes called space heating).

If there is a problem and both the hot water and the central heating stop working
at the same time there is likely to be a problem with the boiler.
If only one of them stop working there is likely to be a problem with the heating controls.

It is not uncommon for a motorized valve to fail and prevent hot water from the boiler
heating either the hot water cylinder or the radiators. Sometimes both will be heated
when you only want one of them on. Motorized valves can be repaired.

A thermostat in an immersion heater may need replacing.

You may wish to upgrade your heating system controls and have
thermostatic radiator valves fitted to control each individual radiator.

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