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An electrolytic scale inhibitor can be fitted to your incoming water supply.
It will protect the whole property against lime scale.
The scale inhibitor does not require batteries, electricity or magnets.
It does not need salt, is maintenance free and there are no running costs.

It looks like a tube in the pipe which is approximately 200mm long.
It is fitted after the main stopcock, usually in the kitchen.
A scale inhibitor is the maintenance free alternative to a water softener.

What is the difference between a scale inhibitor and a water softener?

A scale inhibitor and a water softener both protect the property
against lime scale but they work in different ways.

Water Softener
A water softener makes a permanent change to the water supply.
It replaces hard water ions (mainly calcium ions) with soft water ions (sodium ions).
A water softener needs salt to be added at intervals to replace the sodium ions.
For more information about how a water softener works, please click here.
A water softener is more expensive to install than a scale inhibitor.

Scale Inhibitor
A scale inhibitor also makes a permanent change to the water supply.
It changes the way that lime scale forms
so that it is less likely to stick to the surfaces of pipes or other equipment.
For more information about how a scale inhibitor works, please click here.

Many properties have a 15mm pipe for the mains water supply.
A larger pipe size (22mm) would require a larger more expensive scale inhibitor.

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