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What is a Radiator?

A radiator provides heating for a room in a house or flat and often forms part
of the central heating system. A radiator can be electric (called a storage heater)
or a radiator can be filled with water (called a wet heating system).

How does a Radiator Work?

Most houses in the UK have a wet central heating system where hot water from a boiler
is pumped around a circuit of radiators to provide heat to the rooms (called space heating).
The radiators work more by convection than radiation.
They can be made more efficient by placing shiny metal foil between the radiator and the wall.

Radiators can be added to rooms which don't already have them.
It is recommended that radiators are fitted with TRV's.

Radiators are usually reliable but as the central heating system gets older they can leak,
become blocked and stop working, or decay through corrosion.

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