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Repair of Faulty Taps.
(For replacement taps see below).

Before attempting any plumbing work you must turn off the water supply!

What can go wrong with a Tap?

Some taps don't open properly and restrict the water flow.
Some don't close properly (or are very stiff to turn) and waste water.
One of the most common faults is a dripping tap.

There are a number of different tap designs.

Traditional Taps.

Traditional taps have a rubber washer which screws down when the tap is closed.
 The washer seals against a flat surface at the end of the pipe to stop the water flowing.
A traditional tap may be faulty because the washer needs replacing.


Some taps will still drip after the washer has been replaced
because they need reseating. A special tool will cut a new flat surface inside the tap
which will provide a water tight seal against a new washer.

Modern Taps.

Some modern taps have seals with rubber 'O' rings in the upper part of the tap called the headgear.
If the 'O' rings are leaking then the gland inside the headgear may need to be replaced.

This type of tap also has a sealing washer at the bottom (see traditional taps above).
The washer can be made from a soft rubber which is easily distorted if the
tap is turned off with too much force. A light touch will make the tap last much longer.
If the washer does distort, the tap will start dripping and turning it off more tightly won't help.
The washer must be replaced. This type of tap may also need reseating (see above).

Tap revivers can replace the top part of the tap with a completely new look.
All of the internal parts will be new. If the lower part of the tap is already in
good condition, then this is very similar to having a brand new tap.

Ceramic Disc Taps.

This type of tap usually has a quarter turn on / off mechanism which is
very easy to use and does not suffer from the problems associated with washers (see above).
If this type of tap starts to drip or becomes faulty, the cartridge will need to be replaced.

Tap Replacement.

Some taps can not be repaired and will need to be replaced.
This may be because replacement parts are not available
or the tap can not be dismantled.
Some people may want new taps fitted to a kitchen sink, a bath or a basin.

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