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How to Plan and Design a Bathroom.

You do not have to keep your existing bathroom layout. You can change where the bathroom suite is.
In addition to a bath, basin and toilet you may want to add a shower or other sanitary ware.
You need to decide on your budget and think about the stages below.

1. Look at the layout of your bathroom and see if there is structural work to be done.
You might want to put in an additional wall or move a wall. If you move a supporting wall
you will need a structural reinforcement (a steel) to take its place. This is likely to be expensive.

2. You might want to change the position of a door or move a window.
Either of these will require a lintel above the opening but this may not be too costly.

3. See where the existing services are. It is quite easy to run new pipes or cables
to different positions in the bathroom but drainage is not always easy to change.
The soil and vent pipe (the stack) for the toilet is particularly
difficult to change and this might limit the scope of a new bathroom design.

4. Plan and measure where the new bathroom suite is to go
and note any changes that are required to be made to the services.

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